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Mint Educational Consulting provides dyslexia therapy, educational consulting services, and psycho-educational evaluations to ensure all clients reach their full academic potential.


Who is Mint Education Consulting?

Mint Education Consulting is passionate about increasing the academic achievement of all children. It is essential that students, parents, and teachers have the tools necessary for success in an ever-changing society; and determining the tools necessary begins with assessment.

Mint Education Consulting's mission is to ensure all students are able to achieve their maximum potential by teaching and assisting students, parents, and teachers nationally.  We do this through conducting academic and psychological assessments, facilitating parent and school education, and providing instruction and strategies to ensure each child successfully achieves their highest potential.

What Mint Education Consulting does?

Mint Educational Consulting provides educational consulting services that ensure all clients reach their full academic potential by providing comprehensive academic evaluations, consulting and tutoring services, that produce concrete and practical steps towards academic solutions and goals.

All services provided by Mint Educational Consulting are conducted by licensed and certified child psychologists and learning disabilities teacher consultants knowledgeable in the areas of special education law, cognitive and educational assessments, assistive technology, best teaching practices, and so much more.

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 Our Founder

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We Are Ready.

Greetings! I’m Chase Wesley, an educational diagnostician and dyslexia therapist. My interests include academic assessment and the reading development and instruction of students with learning differences. 


A bit of background about me

After graduating from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor,MI, I became a teacher through Teach for America in Newark, New Jersey.  I was placed as a special education teacher in a language learning special education classroom and was “green”…beyond “green” and hadn’t the first clue about individualized education plans or multi-sensory instruction.

Even as a special education neophyte, sixteen families entrusted me with their children - all of who had learning differences and were eager to learn. 

My students taught me a lot that first year, namely what “grit” and sheer determination look like when something is not just difficult, but darn near impossible, as well as, what a community of trust looks like, when one believes they may not be good at something but trust their “teammates” will still be encouraging.  I’m grateful for that first class as they extended those same courtesies to me.  

Due to my first couple of years as a special education teacher, I made it my mission to learn how to tackle learning challenges of students with specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. I was determined to find strategies that worked, not just strategies that sounded good in theory.

I’ve spent over a decade teaching students with learning differences, developing curriculums and programs for children requiring specialized instruction, training teachers, and assessing children with learning challenges.    

I founded Mint Education Consulting to share the researched and tested strategies I’ve learned along the way with students, parents, and educators and am looking forward to connecting with each of you.  If there is a topic you’d like covered during one of our blog posts or you just want to reach out to say,  “Hi!,”  please don’t hesitate –– our “door” is always open!

To bringing out the best in your child,


Education and Certifications:

  • M.Ed in Special Education

  • Orton Gillingham Teacher certified through International Multi-sensory Structured Language Council

  • Dyslexia Therapist certified through International Dyslexia Association

  • Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner certified through the Wilson Language Training Center

  • Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant

  • Teacher of Students with Disabilities

  • Elementary Teacher in Grades K-5

  • Elementary School with Subject Matter Specialization: Language Arts Literacy Specialization in grades 5-8



Stamps of Approval

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Parent Feedback

“The work Chase does is amazing!  I's never heard Sean, my son read like that before.  Very impressed.”

- Y. Alberts (Parent)

Parent Feedback

"The report helped me to understand what was happening with my child. Thank you, Chase!”

- T. Phillips (Parent)



School District

The PD was helpful and actionable. Exactly what we wanted.




Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions are answered here.


How are educational evaluations completed?

Here's how Mint Education Consulting conducts educational evaluations:

  • An initial conference will be held with you in which the areas of challenge and strengths are discussed.  This initial conference can be in person or as a video conference.

  • Various academic assessments will be used to not only determine your child's current academic levels but pinpoint areas for growth.

  • An observation in the student’s learning environment

  • We will also receive input from the child, parents, teachers, and school around academic strengths and challenges

  • A follow-up conference in which the results, observations, and recommendations are discussed and presented in a report.

If you have additional questions about educational evaluations, please don't hesitate to reach out. Go to Contact Us and send us an email or sign up for a consultation on the Schedule with MEC page - we look forward to hearing from you.

How are consultations completed?

Depending on the question and nature of the consultation, we may ask you to send us information in advance and then we will meet either in-person, by phone, or video conferencing to discuss your question(s) and help you figure out a solution or next steps.  For additional information please don't hesitate to email us or complete the contact form.

How are tutoring services offered?

Currently, only tutoring in reading is offered and tutoring services are offered in-person at a specified location determined by the parent and Mint Education Consulting.

Which tutoring methods does Mint Education Consulting use for reading?

Mint Education Consulting uses the following methods for reading tutoring: Orton Gillingham or the Wilson Reading System.



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